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BJP’s JAN ASHIRWAD YATRA CM Chouhan is using public funds snatched from Madhya Pradesh Madhyam for political campaign:

Bhopal-(Pt.SK Bhardwaj9806106368)MadhyaPradesh Madhyam shown registered under Firm & Society Act, While it is working under one MD(managing Diretor) & Chief minister is ShivrajSingh Chouhan, both are getting salary from public funds, & a total business organization, issuing advt. to newspapers, magazines, TV news channels, & to others, deducting 15% service charges, from all the bills paid by them to publishers, broad casters & others. 2nd coincide all these dirty bustards are not paying single paisa of income tax, Tds or Cental service Tax CM ShivrajSingh Chouhan, is using it as Bhartiya  Janta Party promoting agency for winning of election. The Chariot provided to CM Chouhan by this Madhya Pradesh Madhyam, for Jan Aashirwad Yatra inaugurated from Mahakal’s Temple of Ujjain . This journey planned for 50 days & totally meant for next coming state assembly election campaign due in Nov.2013 and CM  Chouhan will produce totally false statements & try to confuse mass for getting voteShivrajSingh Chouhan,s from public. While it is totally illegal, because it is BJP’s campaign, can not use public funds for political benefits. When we asked under RTI with this public institution for sources of public fund & its utilization, including what is income tax paid, these dirty gang of corrupt promoted IAS Officer Rakesh Shrivastava's under officer mr mr suresh tiwari clearly replied & mentioned, we are not using public fund, not paying income tax, TDS & central service tax .so need not to reply RTI application, it is not public welfare institution, OK, now after reply, new question arises, if it is not public institution, why both these vultures i.e. Chairman SivrajSingh Chouhan, MD Rakesh Srivastava getting salary from public funds, 2ndly what is your sources of funding, how that gang is paying bills of thousands of crore of Rs. Pa, to publishers for publishing advt. for promoting govt. business and ruling party, it may be Congress or BJP.

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